Why do you need email subscribers? One of the biggest assets you’ll ever build is your mailing list. In fact, many an online marketer finds that their business really takes off once they start building a list. That’s because once you have a list, you can make money on demand – any time you want – simply by sending a targeted offer to the list. That is why you need email subscribers joining your list.
So with that in mind, it makes sense to get as many targeted subscribers as possible onto your list. How do you do that? Check out these seven proven methods for getting more subscribers fast…

Offer a Super-Enticing Lead Magnet

Your prospects are very careful about guarding their email addresses. They’re not going to give up their address for a run-of-the-mill lead magnet. That’s why you need to make sure that you’re offering lead magnets with these characteristics:
They’re valuable. Even though you’re giving it away for free, it should be something that you could easily sell.
Desirable. This is key – if people don’t want you lead magnets, then no one is going to join your list.

So how do you make sure you have an in-demand lead magnet? Simple: you find out what other lead magnets in your niche people are getting excited about.
One way to do this is to go to a marketplace like Clickbank.com to find out what other people are buying. If people are laying down good money for a particular kind of product in your niche, then you can bet they’ll happily exchange their best email address for it.

Use lead magnets

The second way to find out what’s popular is to check out what sorts of lead magnets and other content your competition is delivering. You can do this by:

Subscribing to their mailing list to see what type of content they repeatedly deliver.

Read their blogs to see which posts are popular (e.g., they get a lot of comments, or perhaps they’re even featured on the blog).
Follow them on social media to find out what sort of content they’re sharing, and which of these pieces are popular among their followers.

For example, if you went around the online marketing circles, you’d quickly discover that big lists are really popular. Ryan Diess has the Ultimate List of Blog Post Ideas, which includes 212 ideas. Nick James has the Ultimate List of Lead Magnet Ideas, with 101 items included.

So what would you do? That’s right, you’d brainstorm an “ultimate list” of your own. For example:
1. The Ultimate List of Killer Headlines
2. The Ultimate List of Profitable Upsells
3. The Ultimate List of Webinar Ideas

Just set aside a few minutes for research and brainstorming, and you’re sure to come up with dozens of ideas.

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